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News.  Always been a part of society, always will be.  Started out as word of  mouth, then grew to paper, radio, tv, internet, and even phone apps.  News is not always so great though.  Reporters don’t always seem to be engaged, or if they are they aren’t very appealing.  Stories sometimes fall flat while others blow up.  The audience really determine the success and popularity.  Personally, I love Good Morning America I think it is great, love the anchors and the way they deliver the information.  There are programs I am not so in love with though and so as a result I think they could be bettered.  I obviously realize that there are people who think that Good Morning America is a show that needs work just like I think the other programs need work.  Like I said, audience is everything.  In my opinion there will never be one show that will satisfy everyone, it simply is not possible.  News is a sensitive subject to begin with, some love it, some hate it, and some just do not care.  In the article, Rethinking TV news, Part 1: What’s broken, what’s possible, television news is discussed.  How it is broken and how it could be.  The article is written by one person, with one opinion.  Hmmm that sounds familiar to me, audience is everything.  This article is what one person thinks, one viewer’s opinion of the news programs.  News will always need fixing in an audiences opinion.  The reality, television news just does not work the same for everyone.  My thoughts, find news that works for you.

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